Globe Valve

Globe Valve BS 5352/Globe Valve BS 1873

Globe Valve consists of a variable disc and a still ring seat in a spherical shape body; it is used to regulate the flow in a pipeline. Globe valve is generally used for automatic and manual operation. It is also used to complete shut off of flow and regulate pressure. The disc situated in globe valve travel perpendicular to the seat when the valves are opened or closed. Where there is regulation of flow required, the globe valves are used. The globe valves are ideal for regulation as well as low leakage shut-off.

There are several applications of globe valve such as cooling water systems, fuel oil systems, feed water or chemical feed systems, boiler and main steam vents and drains, turbine lube oil system and other various applications. We are the leading globe valve, Globe Valve BS 5352, Globe Valve BS 1873 manufacturer of Ahmedabad. We manufacture top quality globe valve for our customers.

Globe Valve Supplier

Globe Valve BS 5352/Globe Valve BS 1873

Features Of Globe Valve

  • Low weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Soft closing quickly
  • Anti-Corrosive