Non Slam Check Valve

Non Slam Check Valves Are designed when there is no extra pressure exerted thus, it closes without spamming. The spring placed on the disc is placed in such a way that it opposes the opening fluid flow pressure. The valve opens when the spring is compressed. And the spring is compressed when the media flow is strong enough. Non slam check valve is suitable for complex applications, refining of oil & gas, processing powder industry, the applications that requires pressure level control and for vertical runs of piping.

These valves are used in various areas such as Water & steam systems, cooling towers, product tank farms, gas storage, product tank farms, water treatment, gas & liquid pipelines, mine dewatering. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of non slam check valves.

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Features Of Non Slam Check Valve

  • Ability to prevent water hammer effectively
  • Eliminate resultant pressure swings
  • Soft closing quickly
  • Rapid reducing flow