Triple Offset Disc Butterfly Valve

The triple offset butterfly valve consists of three offsets, where two offsets are located like the double offset butterfly valve, while the third offset is placed such as it forms a cone shape by the disc and seat. Along with the two eccentric shaft offsets, the cone angle, permit the disc to seal against the seat with no friction. The design of the seat let it seal uniformly. Thus, it is designed having a firm shutoff in the metal.

The applications of triple offset disc butterfly valve are such the gate valves, where a metal seat is needed or actuation is preferred, superheated steam, where high pressure gases and other goods are present. In addition, wherever the double offset butterfly valves are used but with advanced applications, this triple offset disc butterfly valve is used. We are manufacturer of goof quality three offset disc butterfly valve in India.

Features Of Triple Offset Disc Butterfly Valve

  • Low cost
  • Compact & light weighted
  • Used in Advance high pressure applications
  • Zero leakage with minimal torque
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