Wafer Butterfly Valve

To hold the seal to protect it against the dual directional pressure differential in the flow of the fluid, is the main function of a wafer butterfly valve. Simply, the wafer butterfly valve is designed to seize the seal tightly against the dual directional pressure to prevent any backflow in systems that are made for single directional flow. By using a firm seal like O-ring with a flat valve facing downstream and upstream section of valve, it can be achieved.

Wafer butterfly valves are used in several applications for various industrial fields that such as processing the food, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, oil, water and many more. The valves manufactured by us are manufactured concerning the Quality And Management. We source the premium quality of raw materials from the reliable vendors to offer the top-quality services to our clients.

Features Of Wafer Butterfly Valve

  • Ensures excellent dimensional stability
  • Guaranteed seat tightness
  • Ensures perfect sealing
  • Maximum flow capacity
  • Maximum Strength
  • Torsion rigidity
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