2 Piece Flanged End Ball Valve Manufacturer

A 2-piece flanged end ball valve has a spherical disc to open and close the fluid. It is also said to have "split body design" valves. It is one of the types of the flanged end ball valve. This 2-piece flanged end ball valve is commonly used in most industries. This valve has been designed to meet industry standards, primarily for pipeline shutoff applications. There will be very little pressure loss because it is a completely smooth passage.

Two Piece Flanged End Ball Valve Supplier

We are number one in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying 2-piece flanged-end ball valves in two forms: one is screwed, and another is threaded. It is available in full bore, which is useful for fire safety. This is mainly designed for oil and gas, as well as general chemicals and industrial applications. This is rugged, versatile, and gives high performance in all the areas specified.

two piece flanged end ball valves in ahmedabad

2 Piece Flanged End Ball Valve Exporter

The two-piece flanged end ball valves are the mechanical devices that control the flow of the liquid and make sure the pressure within the pipeline system or process is maintained. It is less prone to leakage and also less expensive.

These valves are operated manually without any attached gear or power assistance device. It will easily fit with the lever style handle, which comes in blue or red color. This 2-piece valve design guarantees a tight and leak proof seal even after we use it for many years. This is applicable not only to fluid flow but also to gas and slurry flow.